Sept. 10, from Louie, Day 91

Dear Pops,

Mom says this is probably gonna be my last letter for a while, ‘n’ it’s a good thing, ‘cuz besides the fact that it’s ever so much more fun to SHARE my adventures with you in real time,  I also seem to have misplaced my Muse person.

You see, I stuck it in one o’ my hidey-holes the other day while Mom was in a cleanin’ frenzy, so’s she wouldn’t toss it in the garbage by accident (you KNOW how she throws out all my best stuff), ‘n’ now I can’t seem to find it. I dug frantically all through the closets ‘n’ the laundry room ‘n’ even that Bryan Guy’s room tonight while Mom was at that Evil Work Place, ‘n’ I CAN’T REMEMBER WHERE I PUT IT.

‘N’ as a result, none o’ my adventures sound so adventuresome.

Take today, for instance.

The weather was most satisfyin’ly cool, ‘n’ our mornin’ hike down the Towpath was most invigoratin’ly brisk. But gosh darn it, Pops, by the time we huffed ‘n’ puffed our way back to Miss Corolla, I didn’t have a single amusin’ encounter to report. No innerestin’ ‘n’ intriguin’ wildlife, no bemusin’ developments along the river, no arms pulled outta Mom’s sockets — not even a whiff of bear! It was just a mornin’ hike — end of story.

So then we went ‘n’ give Miss Corolla a bath, ‘n’ THAT shoulda been side-splittin’. But you know, we been there ‘n’ done that, ‘n’ since Mom’s figured out how to keep a death grip on that ornery hose, there was no hilarious accidents nor misadventures to chronicle. Mom washed the car, I watched, ‘n’ that was that. Big whoop.

So then we come home ‘n’ Mom did her housecleanin’ chores, but gosh, Dad, how many times can you chuckle over my dogged attempts to get in Mom’s way? I was quite busy chewin’ this ‘n’ rippin’ that, ‘n’ Mom’s responses was quite colorful, too, but without my Muse to embellish things — well, gosh, we been there ‘n’ done that, too, all summer!

So then we took a Pre-Work Walk, ‘n’ it was most satisfyin’ in the peein’ department, but ONCE AGAIN it wasn’t noteworthy at all! No peculiar neighbors, no villainous cats or dogs, no insidious behavior that needed reportin’ to the MIB. With all due respect to Mom’s determinedness to slice the frosted cupcakes offa our thighs, it was — excuse the mediocre description — dull.

So then Mom went to that EWP, ‘n’ as I said, I spent many many minutes tryin’ to locate my Muse in my hidey-holes, but I was unsuccessful, ‘n’ when Mom come home ‘n’ took me for my Midnight Stroll (our next to last one, she gleefully reminded me), there was nothin’ to twitch my nose nor inspire a gut-splittin’ letter. Oh, we run into the Chivalrous Neighbor, ‘n’ I snarfed up a dog biscuit, ‘n’ he scratched me behind my ears (but not nearly as satisfyin’ly as you) but outside o’ that, we didn’t see nothin’. Can you imagine that? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay after midnight on a Friday night, ‘n’  no evil invaders was slinkin’ through the neighborhood? If this keeps up, I’m gonna be laid off for sure, ‘cuz the MIB got budget problems, too, ‘n’ they won’t wanna keep me on the payroll if everythin’ is nice ‘n’ quiet on the home front.

So I guess it’s a real good thing you’re comin’ home soon, ‘cuz if I can’t find my Muse anywhere, my letters is gonna get dreadful dull.

Thank goodness Mom is plannin’ a pickin’ chicken for Sunday, ‘cuz at least that gives me somethin’ to look forward to (well, besides your return. It goes without sayin’, that’s the thing I look forward to most!)

I guess I’ll sign off now ‘n’ go diggin’ under the bed. That darn Muse has gotta be somewhere!!!!!

Your dull,


Pops replies:

Oh, Louie, you haveta know your Muse is … YOU! You can never lose it. And I will always find it.
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