April 30, from Louie, Day 31, very VERY late

Something is horribly wrong.

It is very dark out. Mom lured me into Mr. Rav with a Milkbone, ‘n’ I’ve been trapped in the back seat for many many days — WEEKS even — while we drive through foreign countries, far far away from our lovely trails. I need to poop. I can’t breathe. I think — I think I’m gonna barf!

‘N’ what’s this?

Mom’s turnin’ up a strange road. We’re cruisin’ to a very big building with many bright lights. There are no other cars here but us.

This is very spooky. We oughta go home NOW, Mom!!!!

But what is she doin’? There’s a strange hairy man standin’ at the curb up ahead, hunched in his jacket against the wind. ‘N’ Mom — oh, no — Mom’s stoppin’ right in front of him. IS SHE NUTS????

Mom pops open the door. The strange man reaches for the handle.

I bare my fangs ‘n’ a growl starts in my throat. I gotta protect MOM!!!!!

‘Cept — oh gosh — what’s that smell? My snout twitches. What’s that tantalizin’ familiar scent? It almost reminds me of —

“DAAAAAAAAAD!”  I cry joyously.

“LOOOOOOOOOOOOUUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEE!” Pops replies, equally rapturous.

‘N’ I leap to the front seat, pushin’ Mom to the side,  ‘n’ I smother Pops with many, many delirious dog-breath licks on the face.




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