Louie Shows Mom How to Do It Right

Mom really messed up. Despite all my very careful instructions, she plopped my picture into yesterday’s practice letter SIDEWAYS, ‘n’ I had to dangle there in space all night long until Pops finally got outta bed this mornin’ ‘n’ saved me. It wasn’t a moment too soon, neither, ‘cuz I was gettin’ fearsome dizzy.

Scene of the crime

But I’m right side up now (as you can tell if you looked at my letter) ‘n’ me ‘n’ Mom is tryin’ again, only this time, she’s under STRICT ORDERS to do everythin’ the way I TELL HER.

You probably won’t think there’s anythin’ different between this picture ‘n’ yesterday’s, but there is a MOST IMPORTANT distinction. THIS time, Louie is inspectin’ the site of his Battle to the Death With Rocky!!!! This is the corner back by the shed where Rocky tried to disembowel me, but I cunningly broke her neck first. (If this offends you, I’m sorry, but I’m a dog ‘n’ Rocky was a raccoon, ‘n’ only one of us was comin’ outta that corner alive, ‘n’ me ‘n’ Mom is most happy it was me ‘n’ not Rocky.)

If you’re thinkin’ I look trepidacious instead of gallant, well, let me tell you, it made my blood run cold to return to the scene of the crime ‘n’ remember how awful close it was.  Louie coulda died back there, ‘n’ Mom was so overcome with emotion at the memory, she give me a big sloppy hug as soon as she snapped this picture, ‘n’ we both skedaddled into the house for some Milkbones ‘n’ Red Juice.

If Mom can post this picture right tonight, this will probably be my last practice letter before Pops leaves.

So hang tight, ‘n’ see you in June!


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Louie Prepares to Go Back on Duty

Louie patrols the back yard

It’s been a wunnerful eight months since Pops come home from the Stanislaus. We had multitudinous skirmishes in the back yard as Pops attacked the dead autumn leaves, ‘n’ Santa Claus ‘n’ the Easter Bunny brought Louie many fantastic presents, ‘n’ thanks to Pops’ expert grillin’ of enhancements, Louie has packed on a few extra pounds, ‘n’ just last week I got my first RACCOON!!!!!

But my winter vacation is almost over. Pops is preparin’ Miss Corolla for the long drive back to California, and next week I’ll be officially back on duty, protectin’ Mom ‘n’ the homefront.

Which is why me ‘n’ Mom is practicin’ our writin’ ‘n’ uploadin’ skills while Pops is sleepin’ in the big bed. Pops showed us how to load up our OWN pictures, so our letters this summer will be packed with photos from our many adventures in the mountains of the Cuyahoga. Only Mom thought we ought to practice first, to make sure we know what we’re doin’ before Pops is gone.

So here it is. A picture of me. ‘N’ I think I look pretty darned handsome.

Thank goodness it doesn’t show the tooth I chipped in the fight to the death with that evil raccoon.

Ah, but that’s another story for another letter.

Tune in next week. Me ‘n’ Mom is plannin’ a rip-snortin’ summer! ‘N’ many, many adventures to share with Pops.


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