Epilogue, from Louie

Hi, folks,

Pops has been home more’n a week now, ‘n’ me ‘n’ him have been so darned busy takin’ multitudinous hikes ‘n’ joyously playin’ tag that I forgot to tell ya how he ‘n’ Ms. Corolla got here safe ‘n’ sound.

Me 'n' Pops playin' tag. All is well.

Me ‘n’ Pops playin’ tag. All is well.

He’s kinda skinny, but Mom has plans to cook up a lot of MEAT so’s we can bulk him up. ‘N’ that’s not all she’s cookin’. Now that he’s retired, me ‘n’ Mom has many, MANY ideas on how to keep him busy on the home front. ‘N’ Mom says we might even take a little trip — all THREE of us — in a coupla weeks, once Ms. Corolla’s had a chance to catch her breath.

Meanwhile, we’re doin’ lots of grillin’ ‘n’ climbin’ the mountains of the Cuyahoga ‘n’ snugglin’ in the big bed with our library books.

Pops 'n' Mom celebrate at Blossom. (No dogs allowed, sniff, sniff.)

Pops ‘n’ Mom celebrate at Blossom. (No dogs allowed, sniff, sniff.)

Now that Pops won’t be leavin’ us no more, I won’t be writin’ any letters. So this is goodbye.

It’s been a grand adventure.

But havin’ Pops home is grander.

All is well.





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