The Maddie Wars, Installment 5

Whoa! Get THIS, guys!

Seems sassy Maddie isn’t so brassy after all.

Sassy Maddie turns into a SISSY at the slightest hint of thunder boomers!

(“I do not!”

“Do so!”

“Do not!”

“Then whatcha doin’ quiverin’ under the bed, Mad? Huh? Huh? Huh?”

“It happens to be very cozy under here. But you wouldn’t know that, seein’ as how you’ve never been down here ‘cuz your big butt is too fat to get under the mattress.”

“Is not!”

“Is so!”)

Mom! Dad! There's THUNDER BOOMERS out there!

Mom! Dad! There’s THUNDER BOOMERS out there!

AS I WAS SAYIN’, Maddie’s scairt of thunder boomers.

We had a coupla good ones the first day Maddie moved in, but bein’ a gentleman, I assumed she turned into a jigglin’ lump of Jello on account of everythin’ bein’ new, ‘n’ not ‘cuz she was CHICKEN.

But this afternoon, a rip-snortin’, twister-spawnin’ storm front tore down Canyon Trail, ‘n’ Maddie squeezed HER big butt under the box springs faster’n you can say THUNDER BOOMER! ‘N’ she’s STILL hidin’ down there, with her scrawny little tail tucked between her legs.

(“I am NOT hidin’, Lou. I am simply followin’ weather bureau instructions to take cover in case of a catastrophe. I’M bein’ prudent. YOU, on the other hand, are recklessly exposin’ yourself to danger ‘n’ will be swept all the way to Topeka when the cyclone hits. Not that I care….”

“Maddie’s a scaredy-cat! Maddie’s a scaredy-cat!”

“Am not!”

“Are so!”)




Move over, Mad, I’m comin’ in!!!!!



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