World’s Best Dog

In 2009, my dad enlisted in the U.S. Forest Service and was deployed for six months in the mountains of California. I wanted to go with him something fierce, but Pops said I had to stay behind in Akron, Ohio, to protect my mom. I reluctantly agreed, ‘cuz Mom is kinda puny and can’t guard the home front all by herself. She needs a tough guy like me to keep her safe. But I also knew Pops was gonna be lonely out there in the wilds of California all by himself, so I wrote him a letter every single night, keeping him up to date on all the holes I was digging to China and all the fearsome intruders I was chasin’ away and my secret assignment as a sworn federal agent for the U.S. Bear Patrol.

You won’t believe how much trouble I got into – and all of it true (well, almost). Pops would write back every night, but I usually ignored his fatherly words of advice. Boy, did THAT get me in trouble!

Pops came home for a nice cozy winter in front of the fireplace with me ‘n’ Mom, but it’s 2010 now, and he’s back in California for the second year of his enlistment and I’m back on duty, guarding Mom and writin’ to Pops every night.

You can read all o’ my adventures right here, from the very first day Pops left to right now. Just click on my old letters, and you’ll laugh yourself silly over all the dumb things I used to do, or click on my current letters and thrill yourself with the ever-so-heroic exploits of Louie from Akron.

I just rock (hee hee hee)!

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